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Never, ever, ever give up! (Unless it’s time to let go.)

I recently attended a workshop run by UK strengths educator, researcher and author, Jenny Fox Eades.  By way of introducing each participant, she randomly placed A4 ‘Strengths’ cards on the floor and invited us to choose one strength and then explain our reasons why we chose it. I chose Persistence. Although it’s not one of [...]

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Me? Tarzan?

The first time I saw the results of my VIA Strengths Survey (  my eyes went to the bottom of the list first to see what wasn’t a strength, and then I slowly made my way up. This is a very common response: ‘Okay, so I’ve got strengths. But show me my weaknesses so I [...]

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Appreciating Beauty and Excellence

When I am moved by nature, art, the innocent gaze of a child, or a wonderful book, I am buoyant for a moment in time or – in the case of a good book – for much, much longer. …As was with a magnificent book I recently read: Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, by Matthew [...]

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I spent three days last week at the ‘Happiness and its Causes’ conference in Sydney where we listened to great words of wisdom from world leaders, researches and entertainers, all with the over-arching theme of ‘Life Death and Everything’.  The line-up included the likes of Sogyal Rinpoche (Author of The Tibetan Book of Living and [...]

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