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Sorry (does not have to be) the hardest word.

The character strength of self-control can be put into action in many ways.  From tempering behaviour, such as counting to ten  or taking slow, deliberate breaths when confronted with a flight/fight response, to deferring desires , like when trying to break a habit by making healthy choices.  Self-control appears in all shapes, sizes and circumstances. [...]

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Not Happy, Jan.

I took umbrage at a recent cynical and ill-informed newspaper article that ridiculed positive psychology – even so far as calling it a ‘fad’. But because this is a blog about strengths-based education and learning, and not a letter to the editor, I will only comment on one line taken from the article: ‘[A positive [...]

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Are you creative? If you answered ‘no’, then let me ask you this: Do you ‘think outside the square’? If you answered yes, then you are, by (Signature Strengths) definition, creative. There are many different ways to skin a cat. And I like cats, so the expression doesn’t sit that comfortably with me. However, I [...]

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