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The Wisdom of Hindsight

There are some people who just ooze wisdom, like Po, the Kung Fu master to Grasshopper, in the classic movie featuring a young David Carradine. And you can’t go past the Dalai Lama, who, for me sits top of the Wisdom Charts.  Then there’s the iconic movie, Karate Kid, with the infamous line: ‘Wax on, [...]

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Knowing (more or less).

The paradox of ‘the more you know, the less you know’ is very true for me.  But that’s okay, because the less I know of the more I know means there’s more to learn and know! Yep, I love learning.  It gives me great satisfaction. Actually, I feel more than satisfied, I also feel energised [...]

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I’m happy to report that one of my top strengths is ‘humour and playfulness’. Funny, isn’t it? Well, it would be if you knew how pessimistic and depressed I can be. Or perhaps that’s more ironic than funny. Whatever. Funny is good. Humour sure has got me through some bad patches in my life. I’d [...]

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Hope is where the heart is.

For some reason, each time I see a rainbow, I think of the word ‘hope’. It’s a good word, and is a fine partner to optimism.  We need hope, especially in times of suffering.  I’m a good sufferer, too, so anytime I can latch on to hope, it’s a good thing.  …Which is what I [...]

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