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One of the very first high school reports I received made me blush. In the ‘comments’ section my English teacher had written, Fiona is very modest, and as strange as it may seem, I wasn’t familiar with the word modest.  I was, however, familiar with a word that sounded similar, but was the name of [...]

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Curiosity…didn’t kill the cat.

We are born curious: as toddlers we taste everything we can get our hands on and explore the grand and the minutia in slow, deliberate, wide-eyed motion. We observe the world as if everything is new – because it is. This innate curiosity tends to taper off as we grow up and out, and as [...]

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All you need is love?

I’m trying to convince a friend of mine to get a dog. A puppy, actually, as I know of one needing a home. Puppies are hard work (not dissimilar to children), but the rewards make it worthwhile (ditto). My friend fits the Perfect Puppy Owner criteria: he’s single, well groomed, caring, kind, loves animals, and [...]

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My Fair(y) Lady

Fairness is a strength (some may say obsession) I was born with. Not only does the name Fiona mean ‘fair’ (hair colour: tick; genetic predisposition: tick), but I even wrote and recorded a children’s song called It’s Not Fair, Sometimes, back in the 80s. Get the picture?  Fiona = fairness.  Yep, I’m a Fair Lady. [...]

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Dear Prudence

Dear Prudence, We don’t know each other very well, so I thought it was time for me to introduce myself and get to know you a little more. Firstly, let me say that you – Prudence – haven’t had much of a look-in during my life, although I have been aware of your presence. (Speaking [...]

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