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Yay team!

When my daughter Kate was in high school, her part time job was working as an extra on shows such as Neighbours, Blue Heelers and other great Aussie productions. Because of this I have a tendency to cast my eyes to these seemingly insignificant others in the background on the big and little screen. I [...]

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I saw a little dog on Santa Monica promenade today that exuded so much enthusiasm his leash was violin-string tight, his tail was wagging like a fan on top speed, and he was smiling the biggest doggie smile his tiny face would allow.  Now and again, he’d look behind him and yap ‘howdy! howdy! howdy!’ [...]

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‘Friend. Good.’ (Frankenstein’s Monster)

I’m currently in the USA, in a beautiful part of the world called Stockbridge, Massachusetts.  I’m here to further my knowledge and understanding of the science of Positive Psychology, under the tuition and guidance of renowned Israeli Harvard lecturer and author, Dr Tal Ben-Shahar. There are about 200 of us here, and given I’m the [...]

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