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Last week I was inundated with gifts from the grades five and six kids from Arthur’s Creek Primary school. I’d spent a few months last term getting to know them all as their resident ‘Strengths Teacher’, and had been invited back for a thank you lunch. As I entered the classroom they all leapt out [...]

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Everyone needs some kindness!

Just in-case you missed out we have some free Kindness Cards for you.  They are the cards you leave behind when you do an act of kindness, as a way to keep the kindness moving forward. All you have to do is sign up to our newsletter here or email your postal address details to [...]

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The Hallelujah Chorus went off in my head a few days ago when I read a document by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development entitled, ‘Strength-based Approach’. “The strength-based approach represents a paradigm shift – a movement away from a deficit-based approach which can lead to a long list of things considered to [...]

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The Strength of Teaching

‘Teaching is a privilege’, I heard someone say on ABC radio just now. I concurred with a nod of my head and a ‘sure is!’ out loud.  It got me thinking how much I miss teaching, after hanging up my teacher’s hat a few years back. I’d taught editing and writing at a TAFE college [...]

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I believe we need more kindness in the world, as so many of us go about our day barely making a blip on another’s radar.  Recipients of Random Acts of Kindness are noticed. It’s kind of like winning a mini lottery when you didn’t even buy a ticket. Being intentionally kind to another is elevating. [...]

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