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Being Grateful for Gratitude

It was a business coach called Nicole McAuliffe that first introduced to me the idea of gratitude being an intentional, daily and ritualised act. I’m not sure why she suggested it, but perhaps I was in the middle of an emotional crisis or depressive slump. (Again.)  Whatever the circumstances, I’m so very, very grateful for [...]

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Cool running

As I ran this morning, Mumford and Sons asked ‘Where are you now?’. I did too.  Then Xavier Rudd answered with ‘Home’. I smiled. This is a good sign. Each morning before I leave for my morning run-walk, I do the same yoga routine I’ve been doing for years, give or take a few poses. [...]

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Are we there yet?

Sometimes it’s easy to just to give up. To throw the towel in, to quit while you’re not ahead. Sometimes the end goal seems too out of reach, too difficult to navigate, and not worth the effort – especially when the effort is thwarted, undermined or doesn’t even make a blip on the radar. Life [...]

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So, how are your New Year Resolutions going? On schedule? Peaky? Marvellous? Or have they fallen by the wayside? Or a bit of both? I don’t do New Year Resolutions. I do, however, reflect on the year that was and the year that is about to become. I have intentions and goals for the year, [...]

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