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Home. Sweet, sweet home.

If I ever want a dose of perspective, I go to my friend Sam. Here’s what she wrote in 2011 in an article on homelessness for an inner-city Melbourne newspaper: ‘Being homeless is draining, dreary, tedious and boring. It is also terrifying, isolating, depressing, dangerous and soul-destroying.’ Sam knows the topic well: from the ages [...]

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There are a many moments in my life when I’ve felt overwhelmingly grateful for experiences, things, events, people… The list is long.  Of these many moments, there are a special handful that almost take my breath away, and one of these times was just yesterday.  Let me explain: Almost 40 years ago, when my older [...]

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Thanks a lot!

As Fiona is away in the US at the moment completing her course in  Positive Psychology,  I have been given the task of selecting a favorite post of Fiona’s…not so easy! I always look forward to reading Fiona’s posts every week and am continually amazed at her ability to produce such honest, open and often humorous [...]

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