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My Big Fat Geek Book

I’m currently reading a big fat book. It’s 800 pages long, is in hardcover and weighs about a kilo. The name of this book: Character Strengths and Virtues, A Handbook and Classification, by Christopher Peterson and Martin E. P. Seligman. I started reading this book, in earnest, about three weeks ago. (Prior to that, I’d [...]

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There’s a great cartoon floating around Facebook at the moment, with a man wearing a plastic Queen Anne collar (the kind a dog wears after surgery), designed to keep him from incessantly checking his phone. The past twenty years has seen a mad-paced technological invasion into our already full-packed and full-paced lives. Our generation of [...]

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Go ahead, make my (mother’s) day

Once a month I am a guest on ABC Radio’s Overnights program, where Trevor Chappell and I chew the fat and chat about random topics that we hope entertain and engage our listeners. Sometimes the topics are light and fluffy and fun (ie, ‘Do you have a hidden super power?’; ‘What useless gadgets do you [...]

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I read an interesting, albeit brief, article on ‘authenticity’ today by Gretel Killeen, who is appearing in the up-coming Happiness Conference here in Melbourne. ( …Which got me thinking: what exactly, is ‘authenticity’? Authenticity is about being genuine, being real, and having congruence between who you say you are and who you really are. It’s [...]

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