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Sweet and Sour

“…A signature strength is a character trait that is deeply held – a trait that is part of defining one’s essence of being. It is a very strong tendency of thought, feeling, and action.  …Signature strengths are so central to a person’s psychological identity that suppressing or ignoring any of those strengths would seem unnatural [...]

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The Sounds of Music

I have a confession to make: I play the piano accordion. True story. And tomorrow I have my first ukulele lesson. Ditto. Are you still with me? Good. Now that the cat is out of the bag, let me backtrack and give you the full Accordion Story. Way back in the dark ages (around 45 [...]

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I pointed to a picture of a model in a magazine the other day and guffawed out loud to my son: ‘See that? If I wore that, they’d lock me up! But put it on a long-legged model and take snappy shots of her, and it’s very chic!’ He gave me a look that read [...]

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