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Most of us would have been given an opportunity to practice and cultivate leadership at some point in our childhood; we either naturally took charge in group activities, or were reluctantly appointed leadership roles to develop our skills. For some it was a challenge not to be in charge; for others it was a blessing. [...]

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When my twins were young – maybe five or six years old – I took them to a kids’ activity day at Bendigo Pottery, in Central Victoria. On the way, I tried to explain where we were going and what we were going to do. ‘It’s a big place that makes pots out of clay, [...]

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The Strengths of Our Children

I was about to enter the school gates when my phone rang. The phone number on the screen showed it was my children’s high school, so I answered it quickly. ‘This is Mrs Allan, from Valley College,’ said the stern voice on the other end of the line. ‘I’m Alex’s math teacher.’ ‘Hi Mrs Allan!, [...]

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Be Friend

I have a handful of friends that are very dear to me: Lucy, June, Pete, Carole, Sheryl, Kerryn, Sam and Steve (in no particular order). Sure, there are more, but these are my top eight. Friends will tell us if we have a poppy seed stuck in our tooth or if our butt looks big [...]

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