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Okay, so this is what you have to do: Stop complaining to yourself about yourself, stop telling yourself the same story over and over about how you could have/should have done something different/better, and stop ruminating about what could have been and should have been. Just stop! Stories can empower or disempower us. They can [...]

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The Long and Winding Road

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a children’s author, so when an opportunity came up to write a 5,000 word children’s story for the final semester of my undergraduate year at university, way back in 1999, I jumped at the opportunity. There was a catch, though: the deadline for submissions [...]

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Hope is where the heart is.

For some reason, each time I see a rainbow, I think of the word ‘hope’. It’s a good word, and is a fine partner to optimism.  We need hope, especially in times of suffering.  I’m a good sufferer, too, so anytime I can latch on to hope, it’s a good thing.  …Which is what I [...]

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