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Integral integrity

The word integrity has been a common theme for me this month. For me, integrity simply translates to: ‘being who I say I am and doing what I say I’ll do’. This means that if I value arriving on time for meetings, then I’ll be there at the agreed time. If I am telling the [...]

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Oh honestly!

Prior to Australia’s national election held on September 7, 2013, I conducted a brief survey about the desired character strengths in a leader, and what character strengths we perceived our two main candidates to possess. Well the survey results are in: What we want mostly in a leader of our nation are the character strengths [...]

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I read an interesting, albeit brief, article on ‘authenticity’ today by Gretel Killeen, who is appearing in the up-coming Happiness Conference here in Melbourne. ( …Which got me thinking: what exactly, is ‘authenticity’? Authenticity is about being genuine, being real, and having congruence between who you say you are and who you really are. It’s [...]

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