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My positive psychology story started when I was introduced to the science six years ago. It’s where I first learnt about character strengths, and how, by using your top strengths in a new way each day, or simply by being conscious of using your top strengths to continually foster your wellbeing, that the nasties of [...]

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Summertime in Australia with its high risk of bushfires can be a worrying and stressful time for many. In my community – at the base of Kinglake where fires wreaked their most havoc back in 2009, when over 100 people lost their lives and hundreds more lost their homes –  we look for any sign [...]

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This week brings good news – good news that’s had a three year gestation period. (That’s one and half elephants!) You see, three years ago I had a dream: that every teacher and every child in every primary school learned that there was ‘more right with them than there is wrong’, by learning and embracing [...]

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Okay, so this is what you have to do: Stop complaining to yourself about yourself, stop telling yourself the same story over and over about how you could have/should have done something different/better, and stop ruminating about what could have been and should have been. Just stop! Stories can empower or disempower us. They can [...]

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Are we there yet?

Sometimes it’s easy to just to give up. To throw the towel in, to quit while you’re not ahead. Sometimes the end goal seems too out of reach, too difficult to navigate, and not worth the effort – especially when the effort is thwarted, undermined or doesn’t even make a blip on the radar. Life [...]

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