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Once upon a time, way back in the 80s when I worked for a computer software company, a fellow-employee greeted me in the elevator on the way up with a cheery ‘Hi Fiona!’. My response must have been less than chirpy, as such were his parting words as he got off at the third floor: [...]

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Delayed gratification

In July 2010, I took to the road with my children’s novel, Crackpot, to 45 schools scattered throughout Victoria, over a period of six weeks. The toll of travelling and presenting the same story, the same gig, the same gags, the same message, over and over was wearing.  At a few low moments I’d ask [...]

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Not Happy, Jan.

I took umbrage at a recent cynical and ill-informed newspaper article that ridiculed positive psychology – even so far as calling it a ‘fad’. But because this is a blog about strengths-based education and learning, and not a letter to the editor, I will only comment on one line taken from the article: ‘[A positive [...]

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