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Sweet and Sour

“…A signature strength is a character trait that is deeply held – a trait that is part of defining one’s essence of being. It is a very strong tendency of thought, feeling, and action.  …Signature strengths are so central to a person’s psychological identity that suppressing or ignoring any of those strengths would seem unnatural [...]

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Delayed gratification

In July 2010, I took to the road with my children’s novel, Crackpot, to 45 schools scattered throughout Victoria, over a period of six weeks. The toll of travelling and presenting the same story, the same gig, the same gags, the same message, over and over was wearing.  At a few low moments I’d ask [...]

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The Hallelujah Chorus went off in my head a few days ago when I read a document by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development entitled, ‘Strength-based Approach’. “The strength-based approach represents a paradigm shift – a movement away from a deficit-based approach which can lead to a long list of things considered to [...]

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Helping Clients Express Appreciation of Character Strengths

For those interested in finding out more about Signature Strengths, either professionally or personally, I highly recommend doing this web-based, interactive, on line course. See below for more details and a great discount offer… Acknowledging and appreciating character strengths in others goes a long way in building positive relationships at work and in one’s personal [...]

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Not Happy, Jan.

I took umbrage at a recent cynical and ill-informed newspaper article that ridiculed positive psychology – even so far as calling it a ‘fad’. But because this is a blog about strengths-based education and learning, and not a letter to the editor, I will only comment on one line taken from the article: ‘[A positive [...]

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Welcome to my inaugural blog post, From Strength to Strength

It’s been a long time coming, and coincides with the all new and shiny website – same address, different look: – so please click and visit. You’ll find lots of interesting stuff, some great new products and what’s new in my ‘strength world’. The aim of this blog  is to introduce you to the [...]

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